Families Are Dysfunctional.
Welcome to the Family!

Loosie’s Kitchen & Cafe offers a place in South Williamsburg to call home.
We cure hangovers at the cafe from 7 am, and then help make new ones at lunch,
 dinner and during late night extravaganzas at the bar (Loosie Rouge). 

What We're About

Loosie's Kitchen was born out of the idea to create a space where everyone is welcome, conversations flow freely, and the community is an extended family. At the heart of it all, food and hospitality is the centerpiece. Serving southern-style hospitality under the Williamsburg Bridge, we welcome guest chefs, artists, and musicians through our door regularly. It's a haven to all who share our spirit of community.

Come Through!


CAFE open from 7am to 5pm
LUNCH serving from 11am to 4pm
BRUNCH serving 11am to 3pm on weekends
DINNER serving from...

6pm to 10pm on Sunday to Thursday
6pm to midnight on Friday & Sunday

"Not all dinners are created equal" – L.R.

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