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Loosie’s Kitchen is an approach to hospitality

Loosie's Kitchen is a contemporary take on diverse American home cooking traditions, infused with a bit of Brooklyn swagger. Borrowing from his roots as a NYC-raised Asian American, Chef Henry interprets new American home cooking through a multi-culturural lens. Constantly playing and infusing seasonal produce into comforting classic, the kitchen & cafe is a home away from home for our locals and regulars.

 The concept and approach to contemporary home cooking as an organic offshoot of Loosie Rouge. To find out more about Loosie Rouge and her story, check out the website here:


The Cafe

Loosie’s Cafe is open to our neighborhood lovelies from 7am because we know how difficult 7am is. We celebrate morning champions at the cafe and help cure hangovers from the night prior. The cafe starts serving lunch at 11am and if you’re into it, happy hour starts at 4pm.

The Kitchen

Loosie’s Kitchen whips-up contemporary American fare seven days a week. We serve lunch at the cafe and our dining room is in full swing during the evenings. All bets are off for brunch so you’re better off with a reservation.

“Screw Xanax. Give me some fried chicken” – L.R.